Mr. Brightside

I have that song in my head... Mr. Brightside by The Killers. I do like their music but I am still torn after I went to see them in concert. Brandon Flowers (the singer) was a total jerk... and the band was in Lalaland making 0 connection with the crowd. A month before I went to see Depeche Mode and it was a total oposite experience... it was one of the best concerts I've gone..

One of the best things of living in CA and 50 min from LA is that a lot of bands/singers come to this area. I love going to concerts and I made a promise to myself to go to at least 2-3 concerts per year.

Last year was Depeche Mode, The Killers, and Fever Ray (aka The Knives)... making Fever Ray the WEIRDEST concert I've even been in my life... far weirdest than Tori Amos... seriously... we didn't stay to the whole thing... it really was weird... I mean WEIRD and for me to say such a thing you know it was well weird LOL... ok enough.

The new year just started and I hope I get to see some of my favorite bands/singers... my wish list:
- Goldfrapp
- The Thievery Corporation
- RoykSopp (I had tickets to see them in Nov but I had to go to Harrisburg to a meeting grrrr)
- And anything else that sounds interesting

Ok... so I confess... I like Lady GaGa... shame on me LOL but c'mon I am gay and I can't deny a good dancing song/music and I like her music... I missed her concert (in West Hollywood) couple months ago... darn... Dododo da da just dance...


Ok once again I am back here posting... I really became a lazy person to a point that I didn't want to "share" my wonderful experiences with the rest of the world... at the end, does any one really reads my blog? is this just a way to satisfy myself by just writing my frustrations and good moments? I guess....
Anyways... here I am... Let's revisit my life in the last Hmmm 10 years or so:
- From Costa Rica to Florida (Space Coast)
- From Florida to North Carolina (Ashville) where for the first time my heart was broken (awww)
- From North Carolina to PA (Harrisburg) where I made great friends, my best friend... the lovely Frenchie = Sandrine (love you baby!) and then I found (actually she found me) the person that completes me, as cheesy as it might sound Claire took me from being someone with a broken heart to someone with a singing heart...
- And now from PA to California (Ventura-Carpinteria) in a new adventure.
Nop, I am not in the military... but at times it feels like... my company just moves me around because I can get things done! Period.
This was the hardest move of all, believe it or not. I had to leave my friends and best friend, and I had to leave Claire behind... it was hard... luckly for the both of us we decided to give it a try and for her to move all the way to CA to be with me... so far so good especially that I've never lived under the same roof with a girlfriend.
I am still getting used to everything. I new position. New people. New weather (well this one is easy to adjust). And new things to do... Now I've become a passionate "roadie" and try to bike every weekend... I used to bike after work but now with the time change is hard.
Soooo this is where I am. Making my life in so many ways once again, but I am happy... I couldn't ask for more... I have a wonderful partner (yes to me she is that), an amazing pet (my kitty, Faust), I still have my friend Sandrine... and work is going well... oh and I found the new passion of road biking =)

More to come...
Until then, keep on biking!

Any Questions?

Not much to say... just LET'S GO MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor's Man Split Soup

I must start this blog by saying YAY to the GATORS!!!!! Yeap my team won the BCS National Chompionship… sure there will always be controversy about who is #1 in college football, but you know what? I don’t give a shit! The Gators won and end of the story… You don’t like it? Well too bad for you… go and cry on someone else shoulder =)

Now with the split soup story…

Today I felt like having a delicious lunch at my company’s cafeteria… I just wanted a little salad and a cup of soup as my tummy has been acting up. My soup options: looking like vomit chicken and rice… and looking like really bad vomit pea split soup…

Well my girlfriend likes split soup and I really haven’t had much of it so I gave it a chance (like the song says “All we can sayyyyy is give peas a chance” LOL)… I thought split soup had ham but this one had little pieces of hot dog LOL… I tried as much as possible to skip those little pieces of yiacky stuff but ended up with one… of course, I didn’t eat it…

Overall, the soup was ok… better than it looked… I am not sure why a cafeteria would make that kind of soup, really… it looks so bad that takes away any desire for people to buy it… the pot was almost full and I even got weird looks by other employees when they saw me buying it…

So that’s my story today… wow…

More to come… I’m going for happy hour with my friends with a wonderful temperature of 33 degrees… HHmmmm a little cold for this Southern gal!

Till then keep on staying warm =)

Happy New Year

Yup... a New Year... 2009... It will be a good one because I will make sure of it.

Not sure why but I am full of optimism and in a good mood, which it is something rare for me being such a "Eeyore"ish person (for most of the time, not all the time though).

Rolling back, I had a great time this Xmas with my gf and her craziness with her family and a marvelous New Year’s Eve celebration with my beloved friends and gf; Sandrine, thanks for the fondue it was excellent =)

Sooooo… I am ready to kick this year in a good way.

Running? Working out? I am doing it... my legs/feet have been hurting a little for running "a lot" (I mean I haven't been running a lot but running every time I go to the gym) but I think it was related to my running shoes (Mizuno), so I got the Nike Air Pegasus 25+. Long time ago when I used to actually be part of my country's track and field team I used to wear Air Pegasus for training and they were great. Moreover, the 25+ lets you use the Nike Sportband to keep track of your running performance which it is great when you are training (remember… I have a half marathon to run)… oh and Saturday I received the Sportband, yay! So I am excited to use it today.

Ok back to do what I need to do… Till then keep on running… and celebrating…


The temperature keeps on getting colder and colder… it rains… it sort of snows… or we have hail falling from the sky… none of this conditions make me a happy camper. Sure, I must say that when I used to live in FL my dream was to get away from the doors of Hades into a little colder place. Then, to my own fortune, I ended up in Asheville, NC. Great weather… not too cool… not too hot… sometimes we had a little snow but wasn’t a big deal; you could pretty much bike/run all year run.

Well, now I am here in Harrisburg, PA and things are just wack! The summer/spring was super hot (almost like FL), the fall was like Asheville, and now the winter is like well nothing I’ve experienced before. I’ve been with the flu couple times = 3 weeks or so miserable (which have sidetracked me from training) and this weekend I got a cold (which was a shame because I went to DC in a mini-vacation just to get sick!). I guess I will eventually get used to the weather… the bad part is that I am sure when I get used to I'll be moved somewhere else (yeah there I go with my pessimist thought).

Anyway, this weather is making me spend more time bundled with a warm blanket and a cute kitty (Faust)…

Ok, more to come some other time, hopefully not another lame blog… I just need to stay positive… the weather shouldn’t be such a big factor to make me go HMmmm, HMmmm… the flu, cold, etc will go away and I just need to look up in a bright way just like Faust does =)

Day 3

Went to the gym last night… it was ok… I was into 20 min of running when nature called! Close call LOL…

I am feeling ok, a little sore, and tired at times… I was thinking about going out to run after work but it gets so dark so soon that I prefer to take tonight as a break/recovering day and go tomorrow and then to the gym… The weather has been so nice (and hot yeah hot! Here I come again “this CPA weird weather!) that I should go out to run during the weekends so I get used to being outdoors instead of always indoor at the gym…

I am also thinking (and notice I wrote “thinking”!!!) to start waking up a little bit early in the mornings so I can go and run at least 30 min and then get ready and go to work… then after work go to the gym and run another 20-30 min and do weights… Mmmm I will try to do so this up coming week. The following one will be hard as I will giving/conducting training… yeah super tolerance/patience me will be doing that… we shall see what happens…

November 6 2008
- 20 min running almost 2 miles (had to stop thanks to nature’s call LOL)
- 40 min intense biceps/triceps workout and a little bit of abs

November 7 2008

- Break/recovery

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